Sacco System launches natural products for bio-stimulation and bio-protection of plants

Date: 02.03.2022Source: Sacco System


After years of research in the field, Sacco System is ready to launch a new selection of natural formulations for the bio-stimulation and bio-protection of plants.

This new project is part of a larger agronomic and environmental policy-set (Farm to Fork and Green Deal), which aim to reduce the use of chemically synthesised products.

Sacco System’s team of researchers and technicians have developed a large portfolio of formulations and raw materials to meet the application and technological needs of its customers in the agro-livestock sector.

These microorganisms promote plant growth, improve the well-being of the crop, with proven benefits in terms of efficacy, eco-sustainability, adaptability and yield increase, through the strengthening of all the defence and development mechanisms of the plants.

The new agronomic revolution of Sacco System springs from a large collection of microorganisms (strain bank), constantly developed and consolidated thanks to numerous partnerships with customers and research centres.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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