Safe, sustainable process for more product recovery

Date: 22.08.2022Source: SPX FLOW

SPX FLOW has announced a new APV Aseptic Rapid Recovery System that is unlike others on the market. The new technology, featuring steam barriers and pressurisation, is the first with this design for high-value and sensitive products. The design offers dairy and plant-based processors a sustainable way to increase productivity, reduce waste and provide greater product yields while offering the highest level of food safety.

The market for ambient yogurt and dessert — which use aseptic systems — is on the rise. Ambient yogurts are heat-treated after fermentation, providing similar benefits as cold yogurt but with a longer shelf life. These products demand an aseptic setup for downstream process. SPX FLOW’s new recovery system is a perfect fit for this application, saving more high-value product through a quicker cleaning process. It can also be used for other high-viscosity products, including creams, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Said Pranav Shah, Market Director of Dairy, Beverage and Plant-Based, SPX FLOW: “Customers no longer need to flush valuable products down the drain. This exciting new offering for our customers can help across the board — from a more sustainable process to less plant downtime to higher yields for neutral pH, low acidic products.”

The Aseptic Rapid Recovery System is designed to clear product from process pipes in a more sustainable way — using approximately 60 to 70 percent less water compared to other cleaning systems. The Rapid Recovery System can easily retrofit into existing plants, providing them the ability to expand their product lines into more ambient offerings.

Continued Shah: “One of the best parts is that businesses do not need to overhaul their system to benefit from these upgrades. The parts are accessible, serviceable and ergonomic, so they fit into small spaces without having to make major changes.” 

Customers using the Rapid Recovery System will have peace of mind knowing that they have the highest quality products and customer service by choosing SPX FLOW. Parts are traceable and the system is optimized for aftermarket parts, including valves, actuators and gaskets that are already in inventory.

Concluded Shah: “We’re always looking to be on the forefront when it comes to helping our customers with their sustainability, hygiene and safety goals. With this growing trend in ambient and long-life   food and beverage products, we hope that more businesses will be able to use the benefits of this system to grow and innovate for their customers, as well.”  For more visit SPX FLOW’s Aseptic Rapid Recovery System

David Cox / IDM

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