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Date: 22.11.2022Source: AB-Biotics

AB-BIOTICS, Kaneka’s probiotics and microbiome science affiliate, will make its debut at Food ingredients Europe (FiE) 2022 as an exhibitor at stand 7.2M102.

The company will be showcasing its portfolio of patented and clinically documented probiotic solutions for use in a range of popular food and beverage matrices. On stand, a range of delicious samples, including some successfully marketed products as well as chocolate prototypes made with AB-BIOTICS’ probiotics, will be available for visitors. Francesca Rizzi, part of the scientific team leading key probiotic strain research at AB-BIOTICS, and Sergi Audivert, Executive Director of AB-BIOTICS will also be on stand to discuss the latest research around using probiotics in juices and less common food matrices.

The spike in interest for fermented products, predicted to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% between 2022 and 2032, coupled with the growing popularity of functional foods that include probiotics, represents a significant growth opportunity for food and drink manufacturers.

Clinically tested for a wide range of therapeutic areas, including digestive health, immunity and cognitive health, AB-BIOTICS probiotic solutions include stable lyophilized live bacteria and inactivated bacteria (postbiotics) that can provide a significant competitive advantage in better-for-you functional food and beverages. Without artificial preservatives, they can be added to a range of foods without significantly altering the original taste, production process or food matrix.

Available to taste on stand will be AB-BIOTICS’ Yogumel portfolio of starter cultures for consumers to make healthy, sustainable yogurts at home. Within the portfolio, two products are enriched with clinically tested probiotics; Yogumel Digestion contains a patented formula with three bacterial strains (P. acidilactici KABP™ 021 L. plantarum KABP™ 022, L. plantarum KABP™ 023), delivering a triple mechanism of action to promote digestive health. Yogumel Defenses contains a blend of vitamin C as well as L. plantarum DR7, a probiotic strain that has shown great potential to support immune health.

Created in partnership with Purnatur, a producer of high quality, organic yogurt, Pur Natur bio active yogurt includes three extra probiotic strains from AB-BIOTICS that have clinically tested benefits for digestive health.

Catering to producers looking to offer healthier indulgences, AB-BIOTICS collaborated with BeingFoods to create Proasis  – a functional and healthier ice cream alternative championed for its high protein and probiotics count. Proasis products are enriched with protein and incorporate probiotics to protect the intestinal microbiota and help to ensure no gut disturbance due to a high protein diet.

With an eye to child nutrition, AB-BIOTICS partnered with Greek company Frezyderm to create Frezylac, a powdered cow’s milk suitable for children twelve months and older. The nutrient packed powder includes vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and probiotics, all supporting the health and wellbeing of children as part of a mixed diet. GMO free and gluten free, the product will be on display at FiE for visitors to see and enquire about.  For more visit stand #7,2M102 at FiE or AB-BIOTICS’ Fi Europe profile here.

David Cox / IDM

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