Sponsored: Introducing the Anhydro® BlueLight™ Whitening System

Date: 17.08.2023Source: SPX FLOW

SPX FLOW’s latest breakthrough, the Anhydro® BlueLight™ Whitening System, revolutionises powder processing for nutrition and beverage manufacturers. This sustainable technology meets the growing demand for lighter-coloured powder in an eco-friendly way.

How Does it Work?

BlueLight technology replaces traditional carbon filtering. Utilising blue light, it breaks down components during lactose crystal production, resulting in a natural and sustainable whitening process.

Sustainability at its Core

The Anhydro BlueLight Whitening System offers eco-friendly benefits:

Water Conservation: Saves up to 1 million glasses of water daily, (based approximately on a 0.28 litre glass) equivalent to filling a storage tank of over 250 litres.

Reduced Chemical Usage: With limited acid and lye requirements, the system minimises water treatment and waste management needs, reducing chemical usage and benefiting both the environment and budget.

Seamless Integration: Designed with versatility in mind, the Anhydro BlueLight System seamlessly integrates into existing systems, enhancing overall efficiency.

Michael Christensen, SPX FLOW Global Technical Sales Director for Dry Evaporation & Market Manager Ingredients, highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability: “Our know-how allowed us to provide a solution that reduces our customers’ environmental and financial footprint while serving consumers. SPX FLOW is committed to finding sustainable solutions, aligning with our customers’ goals to improve practices.”

Discover the cutting-edge Anhydro BlueLight Whitening System today at: https://bit.ly/3OyAct8

David Cox / IDM

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