Sponsored Message: Rice: a dairy-free treat

Date: 06.05.2022Source: BENEO



Plant-based continues to move upward as plant-based dairy alternatives are competing for a place top of shelf. 15% of new product launches of plant-based drinks globally included rice as a dairy alternative ingredient.


Will rice also be your next signature ingredient? Discover why it should be in our new recipe for a dairy-free coffee creamer.


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BENEO’s rice ingredients help to address the rising demand for clean label, organic, gluten- and lactose-free and hypoallergenic products. They help improve the mouthfeel, texture, shelf-life and colour of products and in specific low(er) fat foods.



BENEO’s non-GMO, functional wheat and rice proteins possess excellent binding capacities, process stability and a neutral taste. They have a high nutritional value and can be applied to meat substitutes, bakery foods and many other applications.



BENEO’s highly-soluble functional fibres, Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose, extracted from the chicory root, possess a natural sweetness. They improve digestive health and calcium absorption, in addition to inducing smoother blood sugar levels.


BENEO offers functional ingredients derived from the chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat that enable the development of clean label, non-cariogenic, gluten- and lactose-free, prebiotic, fat and/ or sugar-reduced food and drinks that enhance weight control, digestive, bone and dental health or help balance energy levels.


BENEO is a subsidiary of the Südzucker Group and employs almost 1000 people across production units in Belgium, Chile, Germany and Italy. Through a global network of experts, we help create or reformulate recipes for dairy, confectionery, bakery, cereals, soups & sauces, meat & vegetables, baby food and beverages.


Contact us for ideation and insights. For more information about BENEO and our ingredients, visit: www.BENEO.com or follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_BENEO or LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/beneo.

Roland Sossna

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