Stabilising system for mayo a hidden champion

Date: 13.03.2024Source: Hydrosol

It gives salads, sandwiches and burgers that special something – no wonder mayonnaise has been so popular around the globe for so long, as the Hydrosol Stabimuls MRH range shows. These stabilising systems for mayonnaise and mayo sauces with different fat contents have been bestsellers in the Hydrosol portfolio for 20 years.

Said Katharina Burdorf, Hydrosol Team Lead, Product Management:  “Some of our customers ask specifically for systems that have proven themselves and are well established in the market. Safety plays the central role here, since the systems include ingredients like powdered egg yolk which must stand up to strict quality controls.”

The Stabimuls MRH range comprises 18 different systems, each of which have their own properties. Some are tailored to the food laws of specific countries, for example regarding the fat or egg content in the final product. Others meet special customer requirements, for example by making it possible for customers to use their own starches.

Continued Burdorf: “Our Stabimuls MRH systems are now in use in more than a dozen countries. Whether MENA countries, Latin America, Asia, or Eastern Europe, with these systems mayo sauces for any taste can be made.”

The systems are full compounds for different fat contents, from 25-35 percent to 50 percent to as high as 60-70 percent. They consist largely of powdered egg yolk, modified starch, and hydrocolloids. They can be easily produced on standard mixing equipment with vegetable oil, water, vinegar and sugar, and depending on the product also with various herbs and spices. If the spices are pre-treated for microbiological reasons, for example by separate heating, deli products like burger sauces can also be produced cold.

Concluded Burdorf: “The Stabimuls MRH systems have proven themselves for many years, and are also very flexible. For example, these compounds can be used to make regional specialities as well as economical recipes. The most expensive thing about mayonnaise is the fat. If we reduce the fat content to 25-35 percent, it can save costs.”

Regardless of that, the final mayonnaise or mayo sauce products offer convincing, proven quality, with creamy texture and a gleaming appearance. Even with high fat contents, they still have a pleasantly light consistency.  For more visit hydrosol.de/en

David Cox / IDM

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