Suppling modern refrigeration technology for Europe’s most efficient cold store

Date: 16.12.2023Source: GEA

GEA is to supply a refrigeration system for the UK’s tallest cold store. Magnavale, one of the UK’s leading cold storage providers, is building a 47-meters high cold store with a capacity of 101,000 pallets in Easton Lincolnshire in the East of England. The facility will be fully automated and powered 100% by renewable energy. According to Magnavale, the aim is to make it the most efficient cold store in Europe. The huge facility will be built next to an existing 44,000-pallet cold store, also owned by Magnavale, on the same site.

The cold storage facility will go into operation in the fourth quarter of 2024. GEA has already equipped numerous cold storage facilities worldwide with modern and energy-efficient refrigeration technology. As part of a framework agreement, GEA will supply refrigeration technology for other Magnavale high-bay warehouses being built in the future similar to the Easton project.

The new building will be used for cooling frozen food products. It is designed with the capability to reach minus 28 degrees Celsius, so it can be used for storing numerous products including fish and ice cream. The dimensions of the high-bay warehouse are 150 meters long by 100 meters wide and 47 meters high. The high bay cold store interfaces with a 35 meters long expedition bay which has 20 loading docks. It is also supplemented with two floors for value added services.

Together with the customer, GEA developed an individually tailored solution for the new cold store. For example, GEA performed in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to illustrate the air flow and temperature profile within the high bay cold store based on the cold lake principle design. This helped demonstrate the effectiveness and superior efficiency of the GEA solution offered compared to a conventional cold store design.

The project was then implemented with a two-stage ammonia refrigeration plant from GEA with optimised circulation rate. The plant comprises of three screw compressors, three reciprocating compressors and three condensers. Furthermore, ten air coolers are installed in the high-bay cold store and 22 in the loading bay area. The GEA screw compressors are employed as the low stage booster compressors, coupled with GEA Grasso V-series reciprocating compressors to take advantage of the reciprocating compressors’ enhanced COP at part load operation. This design maximises the cooling efficiency under all part and full-load operations.  For more visit gea.com

David Cox / IDM

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