Taking your white brined cheese to the next level

Date: 22.12.2022Source: DSM (image Shutterstock)

White brined cheeses like feta are incredibly popular – making up around 11% of the global cheese market. Feta-type cheeses alone are seeing annual consumption rates rise by 5%. These creamy, full-flavoured, slightly salty and often crumbly cheeses work well in salads and home cooking and make a great standalone snack.

However, getting the right taste, texture, shelf life and production process for these popular cheese varieties can present challenges for manufacturers. DSM’s complete portfolio of solutions for white brined cheese can help cheese makers and their consumers enjoy it all.

A clean and consistent taste is critical when creating white brined cheese. This is what matters most to consumers and is what will keep them coming back for more. To achieve this winning taste profile, we start with our broad range of cultures and enzymes that can impart everything from mild and clean tastes to pungent and acidic notes. We have specific solutions for reducing bitterness levels and improving texture.

Once taste and texture are perfected, consumers’ next concern is often how long products stay fresh. Reducing food waste is an increasing consumer priority so cheeses with a longer shelf life can appeal to consumers looking for flexibility in their meal planning. DSM’s range of bioprotective cultures have been proven to extend the shelf life of white brined cheeses by up to 30% with no impact on taste or texture.

DSM can also help cheese makers reduce bacteriophage contamination in white brined cheese production with a range of phage-robust cultures. These cultures can improve production consistency and are complemented by DSM’s coagulants and ripening enzymes for even greater consistency and efficiencies. DSM can also help cheesemakers identify phage contamination faster with its Delvo®Phage test kit – the fastest phage testing kit on the market, detecting phages in dairy within one hour.

Ultimately, white brined cheese production is a balancing act. DSM’s experts and solutions are here to help you achieve an optimal taste, texture, shelf life and production process.  For more visit dsm.com

David Cox / IDM

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