Target the silver generation with balanced nutrition

Date: 04.09.2021Source: BENEO


By 2050, more than 1 in 5 people will be 60 years or older. This generation should definitely be on your radar for new product development. Senior is by no means equal to “less active” as this generation wants to be their best self and enjoy life at their own pace. By making smart food choices, they aim to keep age-related challenges at bay and continue their daily activities.

An indulgent treat? Yes please! Even the more health-aware consumers do not want to give up on their pleasures in life. 65% of consumers older than 50 wish they had more healthy options in the indulgent segment. A clear demand that we love to cater to. Give dairy desserts a healthy touch for a win-win combination. Discover our nostalgic pudding and grab inspiration for your product development towards this silver generation.

When thinking of healthy choices, reducing sugar becomes more and more important for the 50+ population. Carbohydrates with low glycaemic impact and lower insulin release that maintain energy levels balanced through the day, can be useful in their goal of continuing their usual activities. On top of that, lowering blood sugar levels can contribute in avoiding other health issues.

BENEO’s functional ingredients offer a wide variety of benefits that speak to the desires of this consumer group. With Palatinose™ you create balanced energy products, without steep rising of blood glucose levels.  This slow-release carb can take your product development to a new level that offers undeniable advantages for the silver generation. And there is more on offer, our prebiotic fibres can help to strengthen their inner defence. With age, immunity strength often lowers, so help them by putting great food and drink options on the table.

Discover our market insights and recipe for powder mix pudding.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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