The first milk connected with blockchain technology

Date: 28.01.2021Source: Ingredia

The first milk connected with blockchain technology, a collective commitment from the farmer to the consumer aiming at quality, traceability and transparency.

This prize rewards Ingredia as an innovative player, who dared to undertake with the startup Connecting Food to launch the first milk connected with blockchain technology. Ingredia offers bottles of milk, cream and dairy ingredients under blockchain, a world first, which raises Ingredia from BtoB to FtoC (Farmer to consumer), with real time audit by the consumer.

Said Julien du Boisgueheneuc, Ernst & Young Development Director (Western region): “It is a blockchain that guarantees traceability from producer to consumer ‘Actor! “

This pioneering technological initiative connects breeders and consumers in complete transparency, providing access to the origin of the milk through a real-time digital audit. The breeders of Prospérité Fermière, located within a radius of 80 km around the Ingrédia dairy, are committed to respecting the company’s eco-responsible specifications: cows fed without GMOs, straw in the barn, minimum grazing area for animal welfare, guaranteed price to the breeder.

Concludes Serge Capron, President of Prospérité Fermière:  “This prize is a great recognition of the work of our members. The breeders of the Prospérité Fermière cooperative are resolutely turned towards the world of the 21st century, a world where consumers are demanding in terms of quality and transparency.” For more visit Ingredia.com

David Cox / IDM

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