“The Perfect Partner”

Date: 18.11.2020Source: Chr. Hansen



Chr. Hansen announces the launch of its next-generation Premium cultures, which help producers achieve their strategic goals, whether they wish to offer indulgent, high-texture yogurt with fewer additives; improve margins by reducing the need for expensive skim milk powder; or create healthier, premium yogurts with the optimal amount of probiotics.


YoFlex Premium: Fewer additives for a cleaner label and more affordable products

YoFlex Premium creates texture naturally, reducing the need for expensive added ingredients, such as skim milk powder. With YoFlex Premium, producers can make the change they need, whether it is differentiating their offerings within the premium segment with an all-natural ingredients list or reducing costs by reducing inputs.

“YoFlex Premium is unique because it yields exceptionally high mouth thickness and mild flavor, both of which are crucial for creating new taste experiences,” says Thomas Skaaning, senior vice president, Food Cultures & Enzymes, Chr. Hansen. “While taste is the primary differentiator for many dairies, the most strategic players in our industry succeed because they understand that texture is the other half of the equation, as it strongly influences how taste is perceived.”

Skaaning notes that consumers have echoed this sentiment: “Earlier this year, results from a survey we conducted in France found that texture scored second-highest among purchase motivators for consumers buying yogurt and fermented milks, after value for money. To us, this underscores the additional value of YoFlex Premium, because it suggests that consumers will welcome the enhanced texture it creates, irrespective of whether producers are looking to reduce added ingredients or lower costs.”


nu-trish Premium: A response to consumer interest in foods that support health

Chr. Hansen is also launching three new nu-trish Premium cultures that include the world’s most-documented probiotics linked to immune and digestive health, Bifidobacterium, BB-12 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LGG.

With recent events, consumer priorities have evolved worldwide, with six out of ten stating they are more conscious of their immune health and general well-being than before. 35% of global consumers have reported an increased use of foods to boost immunity, and more specifically, 70% of consumers in Europe and 77% in the United States associate probiotics with helping to boost their immune health.


Two products, one promise

While each has their benefits, YoFlex Premium and nu-trish Premium share one promise. “Together, the newest generation of Premium cultures represents an opportunity for fresh dairy producers to elevate the value of traditional yogurt by advancing its inherently tasty and nutritious benefits in a natural way. „This makes the Premium cultures The Perfect Partner for producers committed to excellence,” says Skaaning.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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