The power of high protein: Innovation, Inspiration and Formulation Insights

Date: 29.03.2024Source: CP Kelco

According to CP Kelco, a global solutions provider, when it comes to dairy and dairy alternatives, protein is the star ingredient that consumers are demanding as their focus on health and nutrition continues. However, working with high-protein applications takes technical expertise to overcome challenges of suspension, stabilisation and mouthfeel, among others.

New product launches with high/source of protein claims have risen 10.3% CAGR globally over the past four years. But what is interesting is how far-reaching this megatrend is and how protein’s impact extends to such a wide consumer base, going beyond sports enthusiasts in search of post-workout muscle recovery to include people dabbling in diets from carnivore to vegan, an aging population preserving muscle mass and parents who want to sneak more protein into their children’s diet for proper growth.

Consumers want more protein and are especially interested in ways that more protein can be incorporated into products they already enjoy, to conveniently boost the nutritional profile of an existing diet. For more, download the free content at cpkelco.com

David Cox / IDM

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