Top 10 European retailers

Date: 14.10.2022Source: Statista

Aldi is by far Europe’s biggest retail chain, posting 2021 sales of €156.84bn. Surprisingly, there is a Russian company in the Top 10 Ranking: XS Retail Group who posted the biggest growth of sales with 16.3% to €37bn.


Company Country Sales in €bn, 2021 yoy growth %
Schwarz (Lidl) Germany 156.84 7.8
Tesco UK 86.74 4.8
Rewe Germany 81.85 3.7
Aldi Germany 81.7 8.3
Carrefour France 66.22 1.1
E. Leclerc France 46.48 1.7
Auchan France 40.16 7.9
Intermarché France 38.32 2.5
XS Retail Group Russia 36.96 16.3

Source: Retail Index, Statista, LZ


Roland Sossna / IDM

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