Trendblog: ‘Taste king, texture queen’

Date: 24.11.2021Source: Agrana Fruit

AGRANA Fruit’ latest trendblog has just been published and focuses on ‘How texture is pushing back the boundaries of indulgence.’

While it’s widely known that taste is king for food & drink products, texture as queen is increasingly becoming a focus for innovation. For consumers, food is much more than just nutrition – it’s indulgence, a multi-sensory experience, and a way to express themselves. Half of consumers globally seek adventure from unknown food & drink products and are interested in trying out new products or experiences. According to consumer research (FMCG Gurus) 1 in 2 consumers like food & beverage products with new and unusual flavours and textures. This, in turn, generates potential for texture innovations in the food & drinks industry.

Studies have shown that, for special occasions, consumers are more likely to try or even to pay more for premium food and drink products with unusual textures as mouthfeel significantly influences the eating experience. Sharing perfect photos in social media with a hashtag describing the taste feeling right after trying a new product are the best proof of a multi-sensory pleasure.

Says Stephan Büttner, CEO, AGRANA Fruit: “Our team has global experience when it comes to incorporating manifold inclusions in our preparations that can easily be added to yogurts, ice cream, beverages, bakery fillings, toppings and sauces. We add the inclusions in liquid form, which makes aseptic transfer possible where necessary and decreases complexity at the customer’s production site.” To read the full trendblog, visit: international.trendblog.agrana.com/en/af-fruit-trends/taste-king-texture-queen

David Cox / IDM

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