UK milk production under forecast

Date: 15.05.2023Source: AHDB Dairy

UK milk production was estimated at 1,098 million litres in April, slightly less (-2%) than forecasted deliveries and 0.4% more (4.0m litres) than the same month last year. Daily deliveries averaged 36.59m litres per day in the month. The year-on-year growth which has been seen since September has slowed this month. Falling farmgate prices have contributed to the relatively flat volumes this month. In April, monthly daily deliveries were recorded at 0.2% (2 million litres) less than the 5-year average for April.

Continuing unseasonably cool and wet weather in April is further contributing to suppressing much volume growth and signs are pointing to a delayed or below average flush. The ongoing pressure on farm margins will not help. Observing the development in margins will be a key factor to see how production moves this season.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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