Ukrainian dairy industry is applying to EU colleagues for help

Date: 04.030.2022Source: infagro

The representatives of the Ukrainian dairy community have created several information tools to increase the efficiency of raw milk supply due to logistical problems and livestock’s preserve.

Despite the war, milk producers and processing companies are trying to work and ensure food security for the country. As of Thursday, many processing facilities shut down to protect their workers, but we are now seeing the resumption of raw milk processing at those plants that have physical capacity to operate. 

The main problems are logistical

(1) The delivery of raw materials is limited by the availability of milk truck service and the availability of fuel.  However, farmers help suppliers refuel milk trucks.

But the biggest problem now is

(2) breaking the distribution channels of finished products.  As a result, processing companies are unable to deliver dairy products on time.  As a result, a lot of raw materials and finished dairy products are distributed by operators for the needs of the population, Ukrainian army or forcibly disposed of.

However, processors have limited stocks of imported ingredients, detergents, packaging.

Establishing a dairy logistics chain is one of the priorities for securing the cow livestock and ensuring food security in the future. The solution to the supply chain problem may be to increase production of commodities on those sites that are able to operate. Additional volumes of commodities can be used for domestic needs or exports (for milk powder).  The EU is currently the only option for export supplies due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports by the aggressor.

In this case, assistance to Ukrainian dairy sector from the EU could be

(1) simplification of freight entry procedures and

(2) simplification of certification procedures for dry dairy products.

(3) It would also be useful to establish supplies from the EU to Ukraine for milk processors: ingredients, detergents, packaging;  for agricultural producers: imported sowing material, PPE, fertilizers.

Tatyana Antonenko / IDM Kyiv

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