United Caps Valframbert event showcases innovative caps and closures

Date: 05.05.2022Source: United Caps

UNITED CAPS recently held a special customer day at its new manufacturing plant located in Valframbert, France, in the heart of a region famous for its dairy farming. The plant bolsters UNITED CAPS’ position as a global player with continuing growth, opening new opportunities in the infant nutrition and dairy markets with its ‘Close to You’ strategy and focus on innovation and sustainability.

During the event, the company  demonstrated a brand-new product designed specifically to meet the needs of the infant nutrition and dairy markets. The Biostime bespoke closure for Health & Happiness Group reflects the dedication of UNITED CAPS’ R&D team in bringing differentiation to clients through a collaborative effort that enables a differentiated total packaging solution. Such is UNITED CAPS’ expertise in this area that more than 50% of UNITED CAPS products are bespoke closures tuned to specific customer requirements.

UNITED CAPS has been recognised as the market reference for snap caps and scoops for tins of infant milk powder. Its expertise extends beyond the product itself to encompass how brands and fillers can best optimise their on-shelf standout. The Biostime closure developed for Health & Happiness Group is an example of the company’s superior bi-injection capability.

Said Benoit Henckes UNITED CAPS CEO: “As has been the case for many years, a key focus for UNITED CAPS is sustainability. We consider the impact of our operations and our products on the environment in everything we do. This most recent joint development with Health & Happiness Group along with our off-the-shelf portfolios offer are good examples of how we are able to optimise functionality and sustainability. Our caps are engineered to perform in the hand, on the line, on the shelf and for the planet.”

In addition, UNITED CAPS has been an industry leader in the development of Tethered Closures to comply with the EU’s Single Use Plastic Directive, which also impacts some Dairy producers. To that end, UNITED CAPS is rolling out an exciting new range of tethered closures as part of its UCTC Range which promise to deliver maximum compliance with minimum disruption for our Dairy customers.

The company also recently launched at its Sustainability Week: Every Cap Matters Webinar series an opportunity to enable brands to pilot and road-test packaging concepts that include caps made from ISCC+ Certified materials. ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is a certification system that offers solutions for the implementation and certification of sustainable supply chains of raw materials and products, and also shows savings in greenhouse gas emissions.

Added Henckes: “Along with MECHANICALLY RECYCLED resin, we offer both BIOBASED and CHEMICALLY RECYCLED feedstock. This is certified material, and our extensive R&D has demonstrated that a closure made with ISCC+ certified resin looks and performs in exactly the same way as a traditionally made closure.”

As consumers increasingly expect brands to be more sustainable, they are also prepared both pay for more sustainable packaging and will penalise brands that don’t meet this expectation.

Concluded Henckes: “Companies need to act now. They will find it helpful to take an experimental approach to developing solutions with partners and then perfecting the packaging along the way. Attempts to second-guess consumer preferences in packaging-design labs are likely to increase the risk of market failure. UNITED CAPS are well positioned to help with that process, and we look forward to collaborating with brands in this space to help move their sustainability initiatives forward”  For more visit www.unitedcaps.com or download the UNITED CAPS Interim Sustainability Report unitedcaps.com/company/united-caps/sustainability-interim-report-2020/

David Cox / IDM

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