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Date: 01.06.2022Source: Weber Maschinenbau

The weSLICE 9500 is Weber’s most recent addition to its high-performance slicing portfolio, once again raising the benchmark relative to performance, yield, and quality. Especially for demanding applications such as 4-fold cheese or 2-fold raw ham, the slicing quality and performance is unparalleled. With the latest Weber DirectDrive technology, all product feeding components accurately guide the product, resulting in perfectly cut and visually appealing slices while achieving maximum portion weight accuracy and care for the product. Thus, the weSLICE 9500 performs with maximum product yield and minimum give-away.

The weSlice 9500 also features the renowned Weber Durablade Performance involute blade ensuring top slicing quality. All blades at the core of the slicers are developed and manufactured by Weber, incorporating years of expertise and innovation.  The latest flagship slicer weSLICE 9500 also eatures Vario technology, contributing to its exeptional performance. When the Weber vacuum gripper technology is used, the product yield increases further, as end pieces are reduced by more than half. The end result is production with almost 100% weight-accurate portions and very little give-away. The new Weber Slicer weSLICE 9500 also has much to offer with regards to ergonomics, user-friendliness, and safety, such as the new tool-free quick-change system for product grippers.  Improved cleaning options, increased serviceability and optimised ergonomics, like easier access to conveyors, contribute to maintenance of a hygienic environment during production.

The new weSLICE 9500 unlocks its full potential in the complete line concept. In combination with Weber components that are perfectly integrated and complementing its performance, such as the wePRESS form press, the wePICK pick robot, and the wePACK thermoforming packaging machine the weSlice 9500 helps to push line solution thinking forward. With complete line integration, the slicer can optimize line speed to ensure an even transport of the portion, or automatically increase or decrease the speed of subsequent components. The line’s ability to self-optimize therefore leads to an overall increase in production quality.  For more visit weberweb.com

David Cox / IDM

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