Unveiling new application opportunities with latest extension to pea protein range

Date: 21.02.2024Source: Roquette

Roquette is pushing the frontiers of the plant protein market by launching four multi-functional pea proteins designed to improve taste, texture and creativity in plant-based food and high-protein nutritional products. By further expanding its established NUTRALYS® plant protein portfolio, the leading ingredients company is bringing a host of new and improved application opportunities to the table for food manufacturers.

NUTRALYS® Pea F853M (isolate), NUTRALYS® H85 (hydrolysate), NUTRALYS® T Pea 700FL (textured) and NUTRALYS® T Pea 700M (textured) – have been specifically created to address challenges commonly encountered when developing foods and beverages with plant proteins. These latest innovations present new format and formulation options, offering refined textures and high protein content for end products, such as nutritional bars, protein drinks, plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.

Said Romain Joly, Global Head of Proteins Business Line, Roquette: “We’ve made it our mission to make life easier for food manufacturers when it comes to product development, operational output and consumer satisfaction. Through significant investment and development, we’ve found the winning formula for optimal taste, texture, and techno-functionality – opening up a world of opportunity for application innovation in the plant protein market.”

For those seeking to develop plant-based products packed with protein, Roquette introduces its first food-grade hydrolysed pea protein – NUTRALYS® H85. Creating a soft bite when increasing protein content in nutritional bars is key. With NUTRALYS® H85, snack bar manufacturers can obtain a consistent and cohesive dough, and achieve a smooth texture that remains throughout the product’s shelf life. This new ingredient, which is available worldwide, is ideal for beverages too, allowing drink producers to increase protein content while maintaining a low viscosity. Whether used in bar or beverage formats, NUTRALYS® H85 offers manufacturers the option to expand their product portfolios with high protein, tasty nutritional formulations.

NUTRALYS® T Pea 700M and NUTRALYS® T Pea 700FL allow manufacturers to explore new formats and textures for plant-based savoury applications. NUTRALYS® T Pea 700M enables a firmer bite and pleasant chewiness in meat-free products and is suited to ground applications, such as lasagna or chilli sin carne. As it comes in minced form, the need for shredding during the manufacturing process is eliminated. Alternatively, NUTRALYS® T Pea 700FL delivers a fibrous texture and succulent juiciness to chicken and fish alternatives. Supplied in small chunks, this ingredient is ideal for use in meal kits and just-add-water applications. As well as mimicking meat palatability, both ingredients make the manufacturing process more efficient, saving time, energy, and labour costs.

Added Benjamin Voiry, Global Head of Marketing Plant Proteins: “The plant-based protein market continues to grow globally every year. We believe pea protein is perfectly placed to satisfy the growing appetite for delicious, sustainable and healthier plant-based foods and we are committed to helping our customers harness the full potential of peas with ease.

“In 2021, we opened the world’s largest pea protein plant in Canada, and now we continue to invest in every step of the value chain to ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of premium pea protein that is gluten-free, non-GMO and not a major allergen – as well as being Kosher- and Halal-certified for added consumer appeal. The launch of these latest additions to our NUTRALYS® line further underlines our commitment to driving progress in the space, leveraging unrivalled resources, extensive expertise, and co-creation capabilities to help our customers bring formulations to life and cultivate a prosperous future for all.”  For more visit roquette.com

David Cox / IDM

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