Unveiling new scientific findings for hyaluronic acid matrix ingredients

Date: 26.09.2023Source: Bioiberica

Bioiberica is returning to SupplySide West to spotlight the latest science behind its industry-first hyaluronic acid matrix ingredients – Mobilee® for mobility and Dermial® for skin & beauty. Visitors are invited to discover new research on the effect of Mobilee® on muscle health and enhanced antioxidant properties of Dermial® compared to traditional HA. The company will also showcase its wider portfolio of scientifically-backed ingredients for mobility, including Collavant n2 (native (undenatured) type II collagen), Tendaxion (tendon health ingredient) and CSbioactive® (chondroitin sulfate), as well as DAOgest – a premium diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme ingredient for digestive health.

Earlier this year, the company presented the results of the first phase of an ongoing scientific study on Mobilee®, demonstrating the effects of its three-naturally occurring components – HA, polysaccharides and collagen – on muscle health, suggesting the matrix ingredient may play a role against sarcopenia. At SupplySide West, the company is set to highlight the findings of a second phase of this study, due to be announced ahead of the show. Both studies add to a growing bank of evidence supporting Mobilee®’s potential in muscle health. The Bioiberica team will be on hand to discuss the new findings, presenting formulators with an exciting opportunity to develop new nutritional solutions for the mobility market.

Supplement manufacturers exploring new opportunities for skin health innovation can also uncover the latest insights from a recent peer-reviewed paper published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, suggesting that Dermial® may present regenerative, antioxidant properties in skin cells. This is the first time the ingredient’s role against oxidative stress has been exhibited – adding to the growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating its benefits.

Said Joan Bassa, Human Health Business Unit Director, Bioiberica. “The US market is a key priority for Bioiberica, so we’re excited to return to SupplySide West to meet with our new and long-standing partners once again. We’re looking forward to sharing the latest scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Mobilee® and Dermial®, in line with our ongoing goal to empower the health evolution by inspiring new opportunities for product development in the mobility and skin health space.”  For more visit booth #6643 at SupplySide West or bioiberica.com


David Cox / IDM

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