VeganoProt® – a new line for Vegan Protein Diversity

Date: 01.02.2023Source: Alpma / Jongsma Engineering

With plant-based foods on the rise, this upward trend is being reflected in the increased popularity of vegan cheese, yogurt, and milk alternatives. A study by Mintel found that consumers are becoming more and more open to alternative products, resulting in a surge in innovation in plant-based foods.

For example, in the past three years, the number of new vegan cheeses launched globally has increased by an average of 17 percent year-on-year. This growth is being driven by countries like Germany, the United States, and Canada, where the largest dairies have entered the market to launch plant-based variants under their well-known brands.

ALPMA have been working with vegetable protein, such as those from peas and plant starch for a long time and are now bringing these activities together under the trademark VeganoProt. The new line supports a diversity of vegan protein – whether from starch or oil plants or protein obtained by fermentation. So, regardless of what type of protein, ALPMA can supply customised equipment for producing plant-based products with the company’s proven process technology thus ensuring the improved taste of these plant-based products make them more attractive and convenient for consumers. For more visit alpma.com

David Cox

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