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Date: 10.06.2020Source: iXAPACK Global

Applicable to all types of production, iXAPACK GLOBAL Checkweighing and Control range allows the Weighing, Labelling and Identification of metallic elements. Equipped with a high-performance HMI enabling recovery of production data, each piece of equipment also includes modular elements depending on the products (ejections, products recovery, speed control…).

TG3-A Checkweigher

Standard version of the Checkweigher, available in 4 versions (light weight model, with IP69K protection rating or heavy loads weighing version).

Fitting perfectly to all industry lines, its high-speed functioning allows precise weight control (up to 200 weighings / min). In addition, several types of ejection are possible depending on product types.

TG3-A Combi Checkweigher with MD

Combined with a CEIA MD, the TG3-A Checkweigher controls products weight and identifies the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel elements within each element passing through the equipment’s modular belt conveyors. For optimum production monitoring, this Checkweigher with Metal Detector offers the possibility to return production data to upstream machines process.

TG3-A Combi Checkweigher with MD – New ejections

Optimising the space of production workshops is one of iXAPACK GLOBAL priorities.

Thanks to the installation of a new flippers ejection type, the TG3-A Checkweigher with MD allows a significant space saving at the end of line.

Weighing/Labelling Module

To label products by their weight or to apply their price per kilo, the Weighing – Labelling module is designed for a bespoke display of products information. Able to reach a speed up to 100 labelled products per minute, different application (horizontal, vertical, inverted) and applicators (roller, cylinder, suction belt) are available.

David Cox / IDM

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