What are the latest trend developments in 2023?

Date: 17.01.2023Source: Agrana Fruit /Adobestock

AGRANA Fruit has announced its latest consumer trends outlook for the food & beverage industry for 2023 and beyond, identified by an international and multi-disciplinary team of experts.

A key theme for 2023 is energy management, addressed under the topic ‘Sharpen my mind’. Consumers no longer just look for products to simply get them through the day. Instead, they look for clean and natural products. 2023 can also be described as a renaissance of food as a ‘social activity’. Consumers want to enjoy food together with their loved ones and create shared memories.

Within the trend ‘Treasure world’, the plant-based nutrition area keeps growing due to consumers embracing plant-based foods as a complementary source of healthy, sustainable, and natural nutrition.

The trend ‘in control’ describes the longing of consumers for clarity and control as a result of ever-increasing uncertainty, complexity, and multiple crises these days. Factors such as budget, convenience, quality, and transparency are important to achieve a feeling of ‘having our lives under control’. Therefore, budget-friendly solutions which help consumers lead a healthy life are very much in demand.

Said Stephan Büttner, CEO, AGRANA Fruit: “At AGRANA Fruit, we have a strong innovation culture. Our global and local teams are continuously monitoring the latest food trends around the world. Being based on six continents helps our global innovation team anticipate future consumer needs and successfully create innovative concepts for food and beverages together with our customers.”  For more visit Agrana’ latest trendblog.

David Cox / IDM

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