White Peach is fruit of the year for 2024!

Date: 11.02.2024Source: Agrana Fruit

Agrana’s latest trendblog, focusing on the hottest trends in the food and beverage industry has declared white peach to be the fruit of the year for 2024. Inspired by Pantone 13-1023, Peach Fuzz, which is the global colour authority’s 2024 colour of the year, white peach blends familiar comfort with a touch of excitement.

Peach has been a consumer favourite for many years, although mostly yellow peach is used. White peach, specifically, is a different delicate and flavourful variety of peach, with fragrant floral notes and pinky-white flesh. White peach also has several varieties such as Gladys, Octavia, Maria, Bianca and Ice. The current trend indicates a notable surge in the introduction of new food and beverage products featuring white peach as a prominent ingredient, highlighting significant growth potential.

In 2024, consumer trends focus on regenerative farming and upcycled foods to address sustainability and resourcefulness. The importance of social connections is evident as in-home living transforms casual family meals into escapes from routine, with one in three consumers promoting more family dining. Balancing indulgence and health is a key theme, with consumers willing to compromise on indulgence for healthier options. Brands are responding with innovative products like fibre-enriched ice cream and high-protein yogurts with indulgent flavours.  For more visit agrana.com

David Cox / IDM

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