Winner – Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year 2022

Date: 03.11.2022Source: Amcor

Amcor has been awarded ‘Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year’ at the UK Packaging Awards 2022. The company has been recognised for its Amcor PrimeSeal™ Ovenable Flow Pack, a lightweight flow pack for cooking food in the oven, containing a 100% hermetic seal and self-venting technology, that meets consumers’ and brands’ demand for optimised, convenient and sustainable packaging.

Developed in collaboration with Rovipak Packaging Solutions Limited and Rockvale Poultry in the UK, Amcor’s PrimeSeal Ovenable Flow Pack can be applied to meat packs, portion packs, and ready meal casserole packs. The ovenable flow pack solution demonstrates Amcor’s commitment to sustainability by reducing packaging components typically from 4 to 1, resulting in a 50% lighter pack than the typical pack-with-tray solutions in the market.

The film on the ovenable flow pack also provides optimisation for brands. It has been developed to run at high speed in VFFS machines and allows brands to print directly on the film, removing the need for labelling and secondary packaging. By utilising Rovipak’s patented Quattrapak line, the new line minimises packaging waste, product contact handling and decreases labour requirement per line from 15 to 2-3 individuals, allowing workers to be reassigned to other valuable tasks.

Said Rosalia Rosalinova, Senior Marketing Manager, Amcor: “The PrimeSeal Ovenable Flow Pack is a fantastic example of how the removal of materials from packs can offer the protein industry more sustainable, secure and convenient packaging. Together with our significant partners, Rovipack Packaging Solutions and Rockvale Poultry, we have developed this solution that equally meets the needs of customers and brands – and we are thrilled it has been recognised for the Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year.”  For more visit amcor.com

David Cox / IDM

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