Create energy balanced dairy products for energy seeking consumers

Date: 30.03.2021Source: BENEO

It’s a western society phenomenon that many consumers constantly feel drained and tired by full agendas and busy (home) office days. Their hectic lifestyles have changed traditional eating habits from 3 meal moments a day to around the clock grazing. It comes as no surprise that energising foods and drinks are in high demand at the moment; as many consumer fuel themselves with energy drinks. Where some reach for these “energy boosters in a can” on a regular basis, others see this category as being too artificial and, quite simply, unhealthy. Milk is perceived as a natural, valuable and healthy food by many and is therefore an ideal base.


Wanted: natural and healthy alternatives to classic energy drinks

The effects of energy drinks have come under critical scrutiny: mainly containing high-glycaemic carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, sucrose or glucose syrup; which cause a rapid increase in blood glucose levels followed by a rapid decline, known as the ‘boost and crash’ effect. Therefore many end-users opt to avoid these products. As an alternative to highly glycaemic carbohydrates, BENEO offers the balanced sugar Palatinose™, which, owing to its special physiological properties, is suitable for the development of food and beverages that offer a more steady and sustained energy supply resulting in blood glucose levels that stay balanced.


The dairy answer to energy drinks

The experts at the BENEO-

Technology Center regularly develop new sample products to inspire manufacturers. With current consumer trends in mind, they created a flavoured milk beverage with Palatinose™. “Power milk with chocolate flavour” contains just a little bit of fat but a lot of protein. Thanks to Palatinose™, it offers a balanced energy profile with only moderate effects on blood glucose levels replacing high glycaemic sugars, while maintaining good taste and texture.


Sample recipe “power milk with chocolate flavour”[1]: 

Ingredients Percentage (%)
Skimmed milk 83.62
Palatinose™  7.50
Milk protein 4.00
Cacao powder 2.60
Sugar 2.25
Carrageenan 0.03
Total 100.00

First, disperse the ingredients in water. Mix until a homogenous mixture is obtained, then heat to 55 °C and homogenise at 200 bar. Finally, apply UHT treatment at 140 °C for 10 seconds, cool and keep refrigerated.

1 When developing a final product, the food legislation and product standards for each country under consideration must be taken into account. Formulation and application proposals are recommendations serving only as basic information. All parameters have to be tailored to the

individual conditions and equipment. No freedom from patent is implied.



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Roland Sossna / IDM

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