European info truck tour – ‘Rolling out innovations’

Date: 09.05.2022Source: GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies

GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies is putting its technological horsepower on the road. Under the motto ‘Rolling out Innovations’, a truck packed with innovative solutions for the heating and cooling technology field started its one-year European tour at the end of March 2022.

Customers, consultants and planners, end users, universities and trade fair visitors will receive valuable information in the ‘rolling HRT showcase’. Once it arrives at its destination, the vehicle literally ‘unfolds’ to become an attractive, 70-square-meter venue with various heating and refrigeration technologies on exhibit or explained in a clear and informative manner on LED screens. Spacious areas with suitable technical equipment are also available for presentations and meetings.

GEA’s expertise in heating and cooling systems for industrial applications spans numerous industries. GEA offers high-quality technical solutions for the food and beverage, dairy processing, oil and gas, and marine industries, as well as for district heating. Regardless of whether standardised or customised solutions are involved, the focus is always on the key customer requirements: efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

In the truck, visitors will receive information on product innovations and product launches related to sustainability under the motto ‘Small Steps, Giant Leap’. This motto will be used in 2022 as well whenever this truck is part of a GEA trade fair booth. The equipment on board is complemented by additional components integral to the world of heating and refrigeration: filters, valves, safety devices by GEA AWP and reliable solutions for servicing and maintaining GEA products.

GEA is currently launching the brand-new GEA Grasso V XHP high-pressure reciprocating compressor series, integrated into the GEA RedGenium standard ammonia heat pump line. This enhancement gives the RedGenium a fundamental boost, providing temperatures of up to 95 degrees at top efficiency and an extended capacity range. In the truck, visitors can take a look at this new compressor, as well as ‘install’ it in the RedGenium using an augmented reality app. The app shows visitors the real life size of the GEA RedGenium.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a world of automation and digitalisation as well. On display is the GEA Omni Control Panel, that ensures plant control is efficient, reliable and safe. With its high-resolution, multi-touch screen, GEA Omni provides an easy-to-use application for GEA and other manufacturers to monitor and control screw or reciprocating compressor(s) as well as the entire refrigeration plant.  For more visit gea.com


David Cox / IDM

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