Transforming safety in the food & beverage industry

Date: 09.05.2022Source: Advanced Microwave Engineering

EGOpro Manager 4.0 is an evolution of safety measurement in the food & beverage industry. Rather than just evaluating the risk of an accident, this new platform takes into consideration all aspects of vehicle movements throughout the site, collects all data and displays them in a clear dashboard. It records proximity to other vehicles and pedestrians, whether vehicles need to stop, how many vehicles and pedestrians are in an area, and the speed and distance vehicles are travelling. Furthermore, it can generate a detailed analytical report by comparing the performance of all the company’s plants and associated vehicles based on several criteria such as day, hour, speed, and operator. The result is a clear, real-time picture of the status of the plant both in terms of safety and operating efficiency.

The combination of efficiency and safety measures produces an Efficiency Safety Indicator (ESI). This single number provides a summary of the combined safety and efficiency performance of the plant by vehicle, fleet or zone. As well as delivering a real-time indicator, historical data provides a basis for analyses and trends that show patterns and areas where strategic adjustments may be made to improve safety and efficiency. The food and beverage industry is transforming as it integrates cutting-edge technology into manufacturing and production.

Said Filippo Bonifacio, CEO and Co-founder of AME: “This is the first solution in the market to combine both safety and efficiency. The two concepts do not need to be diametrically opposed. By measuring and monitoring both, food & beverage plants can operate both safely and quickly.”

The EGOpro Manager 4.0 platform communicates with EGOpro Safe Move Smart devices located on vehicles or as small wearable tags for pedestrians inside a food & beverage plant. These use UWB technology to provide real-time positions and movement throughout the plant. Each device has its own transponder to ensure location information across the system is always up to date in real-time.

Concluded Bonifacio: “The future of safety is not about limiting the impact of an incident or about compromising efficiency in terms of operating speeds. It is about proactive measures to keep people safe, understanding where potential hazards lie, adjusting strategies accordingly, and optimizing operations speeds without adding risk. In order to elevate food and beverage site performance and quality to a new level, we have taken a proactive, forward-thinking approach to safety and efficiency. EGOpro Manager 4.0 provides a single, objective indicator to show how a plant is performing and where there are or could be issues.”  For more visit www.ameol.it/

David Cox / IDM

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