Mozzarella has become the most important export cheese in the EU

Date: 25.12.2020Source: ZuivelZicht

Mozzarella has evolved into the largest single category in EU cheese exports. In 2019, export volumes grew by 6.6% to 613,000 t, while the second strongest category, Gouda, only increased by 1.7% to 540,000 t. However, only 14% of the above export volume goes to third countries, the rest is traded within the EU. The largest buyer is Asia with a total of 72,000 t, with South Korea taking 30,000 t and Japan 12,000 t (2019).

Germany is the No. 1 exporter in the EU with 193,000 t, followed by Italy with 106,000 t. The average price per kilo for export mozzarella was €3.56 in 2019, while that of Gouda reached €3.59.

The continued growth of the global mozzarella market is also stimulating investments among producers. Two strategies can be observed here: Private companies invest in their own capacities or take over production plants from others, cooperatives focus on cooperation with established mozzarella producers. In 2019, for example, Leprino Foods took over the Brazilian mozzarella producer Lactojara and Lactalis took over the Italian mozzarella producer Nuova Castelli. FrieslandCampina entered into a partnership with A-ware, which produces 45,000 t for the cooperative in Heerenveen. DMK also supplies mozzarella to F/C. Arla Foods in turn has DMK produce 35,000 t of mozzarella.


Roland Sossna / IDM

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