New kind of milk alternative made from apricot kernels

Date: 29.09.2022Source: boerse-express

Austrian start-up Wunderkern is launching a liquid milk alternative based on apricot kernels at retailer Billa Plus (price €1.99/l). Compared to oats, soy & co., apricot kernels save at least 30% CO2 emissions. Compared to almonds, water consumption is reduced by as much as 96%.

Apricot kernels are a typical waste material recycling: More than 500 million kilos of fruit kernels are thrown away by fruit processors every year in Europe alone. Using a special process, Wunderkern splits the apricot, cherry and plum seeds in a specially built facility on the edge of the Wachau region so that the seeds inside can be used to produce sustainable food. At times, Wunderkern has already produced gourmet oils as well as chocolate spreads.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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